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nedz rotaries specialise in quality, precision engineered rotary machines, designed and produced here in the uk and is home to the nedz stubbie tattoo pen.

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" i have had a couple of weeks using the nedz stubbie on different tattoos now and all i can say is wow!! i was expecting this machine to be pretty much the same as my mr03 machine from nedz but i was pleasantly surprised that it is even better. to start with it is much shorter in length, making it very balanced and comfortable to work with, however it is the performance that impressed me the most. the way it hits is what i would describe as �perfect� for black/colour and lines going in like a hot knife through butter. there is no noise or vibration, my customers keep asking me if it�s actually running when i start tattooing! i have been using it with cheyenne carts and they fit perfectly, no wobbling about or popping out of the machine.

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i am happy to say that honestly, this is hands down the best machine i have used or handled, even compared to its main competitors. ed has really outdone himself and i would highly recommend this machine to anybody. i cannot wait to show you guys what i can do with this machine in the future."

do housewives qualify for medicare

do housewives qualify for medicare robrichtattoo

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