• New Features:
    Adjustable Stroke
  • Powered Options:
    4.5W Faulhaber Motor
  • Body:
    Aircraft aluminium
  • Weight (inc. grip):
    165g approx.
  • Operating voltage:
  • UK made:
    Designed and engineered by Ed Waldron of Nedz micro-rotaries

Designed for Cheyenne, T-Tech, EZ and Nedz Cartridges.

Nedz clicker grip included.

The Hurricane has my adjustable cam from 2-5.25mm and the grip has 24 clicks instead of the normal 12-14 so it has a finer adjustment. It weighs 165g with the grip and runs strong at about 6 volts and it comes fully guaranteed for 2 years. In my opinion it’s my best machine after my Stubbie..

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Hurricane Micro Rotary Machine from nedz