nedz micro-rotaries - design matters : height=
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  • powered by:
    1.5w nedz motor
  • body:
    aircraft aluminium
  • weight:
    160g approx
  • overall length:
  • operating voltage:
    from 6.5 to 8 volts
  • stroke length:
  • uk made:
    designed and engineered by ed waldron of nedz micro-rotaries

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the new stubbie has just got shorter but wider and has an ergonomic grip which is 36mm so it is wide in your hand but is weighted towards the cart to give you a better feel while tattooing and also features an adjustable twist grip to change needle depth. the new stubbie will also feel well balanced when used with a battery pack. the new stubbie also comes in 3 stroke lengths 3.2mm, 3.6mm and 4mm. the new stubbie can be dismantled easily for cleaning or accessing the motor and cam making it easy to change either.

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mr03 micro rotary from nedz
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