Nedz Sponsored Artists

  • Craig Cardwell

    Craig Cardwell (uses MR01, MR02, Nedz Black & Grey Vivid Inks)

    Craig has been tattooing for almost 4 years and has already mastered a majority of styles, most of all portraits, black & gray and colour. His new school designs and twists on the classics are what make him stand out. He works at DNA Tattoo Studio in his home town of Blackpool. See his work on facebook "phattats" and instagram "cardwelltattoos".

  • Kelvin Slack

    Kelvin Slack (uses MR01, MR02, Nedz Black & Grey Vivid Inks)

    Kelvin has been Tattooing professionally for 6 years and for the last year and half has been specialising exclusively in Colour Realism. Based in Doncaster, Kelvin's colour portraits have won him plaudits from fellow artists and fans for his distinctive bold style.

    "Since using the MR03 I have at last found a truthful machine, one that does exactly what it says on the tin. Awesome"

  • Sonny Mitchell

    Xavier Joubert (uses Stubbie, Slider, Nedz Vivid Inks)

    Xavier has been a professional tattoo artist for over 10 years working at Nedz very own Edshead Tattoo Studio. An all round artist, working a variety of styles, and neo-traditional in particular. Since working with the Nedz Stubbie he has more recently moved into realism and has found working with the Nedz Stubbie has pushed his work even further.


  • Sonny Mitchell

    Alex Rodolfo (uses Zero, MR03, Nedz Vivid Inks)

    Alex started tattooing at the late age of 27, but that doesn't mean he lacks the experience and passion of this art form. A well rounded tattoo artist specializing in portraiture, realism and black and grey. Currently working in västerorts bläck tattoo studio in Stockholm, Sweden, this all around artist has travelled all the nooks and crannies of his native land, Philippines and its nearby countries. A truly amazing and versatile artist.


  • Sonny Mitchell

    Florent Tuche (uses MR03, Nedz Vivd Inks)

    Although only tattooing since the beginning of 2014, Florent soon upped sticks from his native France and took an offer to go and work asa full time tattoo artist in Germany. France's loss is Germany's gain as his realistic black & grey portraits are already making a mark in the tattoo world. Recently switching from coils to rotaries Florent says he has never looked back.

    "I tried many machines, coils with regular needles: Micky Sharpz, Bavarian Custom Iron, and rotaries: Cheyenne, Injecta and Nedz. But i really feel a change in my work since i've started using the MR03. I use it for all my realistic work and although colour is not my favourite thing, I really appreciate the machine as it makes real solid colour."


  • Rob Richardson

    Rich Knight (uses MR03, Nedz Vivid Inks)

    Rich works full time at Diverse Arts in Westbourne, Dorset. He began tattooing 5 years ago and has now been professional for 4 years. He loves doing black/grey, colour realism and new skool bright tattoos. But his favourite thing to tattoo would be day of the dead faces and is always on the hunt for new styles and new ways of doing things and will pretty much take on any job. Rich use the Nedz MR03 for all his colour and shaded work.

  • Gordon Patterson

    Gordon Patterson (uses MR03, Nedz Vivid Inks)

    Gordon has been tattooing for just over two years, he's a self taught tattooist. He works out of a studio called Inkwell Tattoo Studio in Scotland. Gordon's work style is really varied: when he first started out he wanted to mainly specialise in black and grey or colour realism, but recently he's been trying to push the illustrative style and let his imagination go wild. He finds this style a lot more satisfying than copying an image.

    "The MRO3 is my weapon of choice, its especially good for colour work, I personally think that the cartridge system is the way forward with tattooing, I can have multiple needles set out and it literally takes two seconds to change them over, It beats having 4 machines set up with different needles in my opinion."

  • John Dame

    John Dame (uses MR03, Nedz Vivid Inks)

    John Dame has been tattooing all over the United States as well as some other parts of the world. Starting on the Coast of Florida, in Tampa Bay in late 2005, being able to travel around as much as possible has helped achieve the realism and new school, neo traditional style of tattooing that has been produced to this day.

  • Dom's Tattoos

    Dom's Tattoos (uses MR01)

    Completely self taught, Dom has been tattooing professionally for 10 years, and loves to tattoo any style and anything, but over the last couple of years has been getting more into realism. Starting his career in his native UK, tattooing has taken him to the other side of the world to Australia and can now be found plying his trade at Chronic Ink, Toronto, Canada. Along with a love of tattooing he also love tattoo machines, both coil and rotary and has built a vast collection over the years

    "After picking up the Nedz MR01 for all my black and grey, and some of my colour, I have not found such an adjustable machine in both stroke and give"

  • Tomas Tomas

    Tomas Tomas (uses MR05)

    Tomas Tomas has been tattooing most days for the last 17 years. Unlike most tattooists, he finds his inspiration outside tattooing. He works full time (and more) at Into-You Tattoo London

    "I really enjoy the smoothness and precision of the Nedz Rotary machines and am looking forward to test and experiment with the new machines NEDZ comes up with..."

  • Tomas Tomas

    Ernie Alvarado (uses Nedz Zero)

    Ernie is a self taught artist that has been tattooing for about 5 years. Working out of Fontana, California at Upper Level Ink, he loves doing bright color work but enjoys doing any style that's thrown at him. He loves doing colour realism but finds his personal drawing style to be new school since most of his art background stems from graffiti.

    "I've been using the Nedz Zero and its an extremely versatile machine and look forward to watching my tattoos grow with these machines."

  • Sonny Mitchell

    Ollie Tye (uses MR03)

    Biography Coming Soon