NEDZ CopperJacket Range


  • New Features:
    22mm : Faulhaber Motor
  • Original : MFA Motor
  • Handmade
  • Nedz Adjustable Cam             RCA Connection
  • Body:
    Copper & Brass
  • Stroke:
  • Weight:
  • UK made:
    Designed and engineered by Ed Waldron of Nedz micro-rotaries

The Nedz CopperJacket 22mm uses a 22mm Faulhaber motor so is a much smaller and sleeker than the original Copper Jacket machines and utilises our fully adjustable Nedz Cam and made from Copper and Brass.


The Original Nedz CopperJacket uses an MFA motor which is guaranteed for 5 years. They are available in Short or Long Frames for use with either traditiional needles or cartridges


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Micro Rotary Machine from nedz